The Voice of Release
(warsztat tłumaczony na pl)

Full body, full breath, full emotion, full potential.

The human voice is a phenomenal instrument and also a potential vehicle for deep connection to the earth and elements, ancestors and roots, history and humanity; and when we connect to this power within us we can open unseen and hidden potentials for deep healing and inspiration. To feel vibrations of one’s own voice traveling through the body and in the space around us is like touching the stars. To release our full spectrum of emotions through the voice is a precious process of unification and healing. 

The Voice of Release is an embodied approach to vocal liberation which brings about the awareness, awakening and activation of our authentic voices. This workshop will be an exploration of voice as experienced through the body, the space around us and through human partnership. 

The body is our gateway to expression, creativity, manifestation and healing, and from the body we begin our process of vocal liberation. Through a flow of movement and breath we can awaken sound vibrations within the body -resonating the bones and tissues- creating a visceral understanding of the voice, enlivening new possibilities for vocal expression and directly addressing potential “blocks” in the channel of the voice. 

We will begin this journey of vocal liberation together, beginning and ending with lightness, power and joy. 


*Warsztat w języku angielskim, z możliwością tłumaczenia na język polski.