Inner Fire, Inner Flow

(warsztat w języku angielskim, tłumaczone)


Tantric practices raise our vital life force using breath, sound, movement and visualisation. In this workshop, we will practise techniques for freeing up the flow of energy in your body. Then we will teach you the basic skills for igniting and channeling your inner-fire, feeding it with breath and facilitating its free-flow through the whole body. This will prepare us for the powerful Red and White Fire Ritual which will tune us into our life-force energy as we stand in our full potential as a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

When our energies are charged and vibrating at a high frequency, we experience a vastly enhanced sense of aliveness, reflected in our consequent ability to manifest and maintain the life we desire.

This workshop will:

  • Give you the keys to igniting and enhancing your vital life-force energy.
  • Dissolve any blocks to the free flow of energy within your body.
  • Harness your vital energy in the service of your full potential.

This workshop is open to everyone. Please wear comfortable clothing.