sobota 8.15 – 09.30  OSHO Dynamic Meditation 

sobota  16.00 – 17.30  Eye of the Tiger.   (Workshops only for men and in English)   (Więcej…)

niedziela 11.45 – 13.15  Chakra Magick.  (Warsztat po angielsku)  (Więcej…)


Tantra, Bioenergetics, Bodywork

Born in Italy, Gopal has more than 25 years of experience, research, and certified training in Tantra, Meditation, Bioenergetics, Shiatsu, Bodywork, Osho Divine Healing Arts, Mysticism, Personal Transformation, Conscious Sensuality, Psychedelics, Spirituality, and a deep understanding and experience of human psychology.

He has been teaching all over Europe and Russia, in workshops and individual sessions for over 10 years, how to accompany people to embrace their vulnerability and reconnect with their inner power, sharing its unique combination and personal approach.

During its workshops and private sessions, Gopal is present with you, passing on its keys to learning how to channel energy, how to radiate consciousness and align higher elements of yourself.

He is a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher from the school of Margot Anand in France, and a certified bodyworker and OSHO Meditation facilitator at OSHO Divine Healing Arts with Prashantam in Italy, Russia, and Portugal.

After moving to Berlin, he was inspired by the city to create Dynamic Tantra, a playful, soulful way to practice Tantra in the urban jungle.

He is working in many different creative areas, as a musician, event organizer, promoter, art director, DJ, and always experimenting and combining the 3 Tantric Keys, Breath, Movement, and Sound with innovative meditation techniques.

Working and living in Berlin, Gopal facilitates training, workshops, meditation, and individual sessions all over the world using all its personal, professional experience… and especially the heart.

The answer is always Love.