Chakra Magick

(warsztat w języku angielskim)


An exploration into the magick power of the Chakras.

A basic understanding of the Chakra System is essential for moving deeper into the Tantric dimension. This Tantric self-awareness journey will give you a deep insight into the different chakras, their nature and their intrinsic potential.

Becoming aware how the energies of the chakras manifest in our daily life, our physical presence, intimacy, love life, communication, intuition and silence will make our life flow more rich and spontaneous.

Through playful techniques we will explore each one of these energy centers, individually and in partnership.

Allowing the energy to move through the inner flute, we will touch the bliss of our Buddha-nature.

The journey through the seven chakras is also a ladder from sex to consciousness:

✫ Allowing the energy to rise through all the chakras from sexuality to the heart, we then move into Meditation.

✫ From this space, we can connect to others, liberating our natural essence and celebrating the mystery that we are.

✫ Stepping out of the past conditionings, we can experience the transforming power of Consciousness.